Guide 101: All About Finding The Best Residential Carpet Cleaning Service


Carpeting your floors is a great way to enhance the aesthetics of your interiors, and what is equally important is upkeep & maintenance. Just using a vacuum cleaner is not enough, because carpets tend to gather and accumulate dirt and pollutants. If you have a pet at home, or little children, carpet cleaning is an aspect you cannot afford to ignore. There are professional companies that offer carpet cleaning Las Vegas, and their experts will ensure that your carpets look and smell clean. So, how would you select the best residential carpet cleaning service? We have a guide below for your help.

Things to check

  • First and foremost, find a carpet cleaning company that’s experienced and well-known. Make sure that they are licensed and have the necessary permissions to take up the job. Don’t be surprised to know that many companies just work like agencies and simply give away their contractors to other services.

  • Check for insurance. A carpet cleaning service must be insured. You are going to entrust the workers with your home. In case of a mishap, the concerned company must cover up for losses. Check if their workers are bonded and insured too.
  • Find more on processes. What kind of equipment and cleaning tools do they use to clean the dirt and stains from carpets? Do they offer steam cleaning? What additional steps do they take to remove stains? These are just some of the basic questions you need to ask. Sometimes, carpet cleaners use products that leave behind residue, which must be avoided. Besides cleaning, the company must use products that will protect your carpets.

Getting an estimate

Of course, the pricing remains an important factor for selecting a carpet cleaning service, so ask around and get an estimate. Do not select a service because they are offering the cheapest deal. Instead, check the experience of the company, find more on their work process, and get an estimate that’s fair and as per industry standards.

How frequently should you get the carpets cleaned?

At least once a year, say the experts. Most carpet cleaning companies can come over on a single call, so you can hire them as and when required. Nevertheless, make sure that carpets are cleaned professional every year, especially if you have pets, older parents or children at home.

Check online for carpet cleaners near you, and don’t forget to ask for an estimate!