Best Practices in Commercial Carpet Cleaning


If you have been doing commercial carpet cleaning on your own, you probably end up not removing all dirt and stain completely. However, you don’t have to feel bad as this can take place in many facilities every year. This is because in-house staff does no not always have the knowledge and experience necessary to get the cleaning job done right. But, if you are looking to extend the life of your office carpet, you want to know the best practices to adopt. Although the best way to go is to hire the services of a professional commercial cleaning company, below are some things that must be done to keep your carpet in its best shape:

Do not Scrub the Stain Vigorously

Scrubbing carpet stains vigorously can damage its fibers. This is an ineffective process to get rid of the blemish. In fact, it can even push the stain deeper into the carpet. Also, scrubbing the carpet fibers by untwisting them can cause them to fray. Professional carpet cleaners use the method called scrub encapsulation or encap to safely get rid of carpet stains.

Act Right Away

The moment your carpet is stained, call your commercial cleaner immediately. The longer you wait to remove the stain, the harder the task will be. As the spill dries, it liquid will soak into the carpet fibers and be absorbed into the padding. And as you try to remove the spot, mold growth, or odor, this can result in wicking.

Use the Right Cleaning Product

The wrong cleaning product can damage your carpet and even cause a discoloration.  That is why you must do your research before buying and using a cleaning solution. Make sure to check the guidelines of the manufacturers and reach the product labels carefully. Look for hypoallergnic, chemical-free cleaning solutions. Professional carpet cleaners use green products to serve both your business and the environment.

Use the Right Cleaning Equipment

Whether you rent or buy your cleaning equipment, you must use the right one. Using the wrong equipment can get your carpet damaged and even leave behind excess cleaning solutions. This will lead to rapid resoiling and mold damage. Truckmount is a machine used in steam cleaning carpets and floors. It makes it possible to apply cleaning methods such as hot water injection and vacuum injection necessary for steaming. This equipment is important in terms of carpeting.

Hire the Professionals

Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning San Diego is a vital part of prolonging your carpet’s life. Most carpet manufacturers recommend that carpets are cleaned every 12-18 months by a certified and licensed professional to maintain the warranty. A reputable carpet cleaner will extend the life of your investment and help promote a cleaner indoor environment that will keep everyone in the workplace healthy. Also, reputable cleaners use the right cleaning methods such as Encapsulation. This method uses a special cleaning agent that cleans and dries carpet fast. Also, this method involves trapping dirt and grease to form a crystallized bond around carpet. This low moisture method is also called dry cleaning.

A residential carpet must be cleaned at least twice a year because it is composed of delicate materials that are easily damaged by dirt and debris. Commercial carpets, on the other hand, require more frequent cleaning with fifteen-year warranties to attest for its durability against all types of traffic.