Teaching Children to Do the Right Thing Starts at Home


It’s easy to blame schools for not imparting the correct values to kids. Parents expect a lot from teachers, in terms of academics and otherwise. Although there’s nothing wrong with setting standards, it’s also important to note that parents have responsibilities. Imparting these values isn’t only something that teachers have to do, but parents too. In fact, it’s something that needs to start at home.

Be a role model

You can’t expect your kids to do the right thing when you don’t show them how to do it at home. Don’t rely on other people to teach your child. Learning good habits needs to start at home. It’s easier for children to understand when everything begins at home.

Being a role model also means walking the talk. If you tell them to do one thing, but your actions indicate otherwise, it will be difficult for your kids to believe in you. They will think that it’s not important to believe what you have to say.

Be specific in your actions

Don’t just tell your kids to be good or be nice to others and assume they will understand what you’re saying. You also have to show them specific actions for them to know what to do. For instance, you can show them the right steps to protect the environment. It’s not enough to just keep telling them to protect the environment. At home, you need to practice correct waste segregation. You also need to show them that you’re partnering with Evergreen Junk Removal to prove that you’re sincere in your efforts. They will understand what you mean if you show them.

Keep reminding your kids

Another way for you to reinforce positive behavior is by constantly telling your kids what to do. There are times when they don’t intend to do something bad, but they forget what’s right. As such, you have to keep reminding them what needs to happen. Be friendly with your reminders instead of screaming at your kids. Besides, you can’t expect your kids to absorb what you say if your manner of getting their attention is an angry one.

Make them understand your actions

There are instances when you get angry because of their behavior. You end up screaming at them or spanking them. It’s okay if you don’t do these actions all the time. It’s even better if you hug them afterward, and explain to them why you did it. They will know that your reaction came from a place of love, and you didn’t do those things just because you can’t control your temper.

There’s no one else you can expect to help your kids learn the right values apart from you. Their actions in front of other people depend on what they learn at home. You need to be consistent in your actions so your kids will always believe in you.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/A–cz3cxstI