Asbestos Is Something That Needs To Be Taken Very Seriously.


The moment that we hear the word asbestos being said out loud, we immediately get our backs up and we begin to be concerned. It is something that we have been told about in school and it is something that parents have told us about since we were very young. We understand the dangers of it and we understand that if we do find it, that we should move away immediately. We have not used asbestos in our building products for many years now, but any buildings that were erected before the 1980s hold a significant risk of having asbestos inside.

In the event that you are unlucky enough to find something that resembles asbestos and you’re not sure, then there are a number of asbestos removal contractors in Perth who will be able to tell you if it is the real thing or not. Many of us are still a little bit in the dark when it comes to understanding where asbestos was used before and so hopefully the following examples will help to provide you with the information that you need.

Guttering and soffits – These are external parts of property and so they need to be able to handle the external influences that nature throws at them. If you live in a country that has really hot temperatures and also experience is very cold winters, then adding asbestos to these made them a lot stronger and they would last a lot longer. If the property that you currently residing in was built before the 1980s, then there is a pretty good chance that there is asbestos to be found.

Roof tiles – Obviously the roof of any property is the one thing that is protecting the whole building from the elements outside. It is the strongest part of the house and it is the one that we frequently do not take care of. This is why asbestos was added to tiles to make them a lot stronger so that they could put up with all of the rain, the frost, the sunlight and the snow. The bad thing about roof tiles is that once rainwater runs off them, there is a very high likelihood that the residue will also run off onto the property below.

The important thing is that you follow the rules and procedures that you have been told about since a very young age and if you do encounter anything that closely resembles asbestos or you suspect that asbestos may be contained within it, then the first thing that you need to do is to call out asbestos removal contractors in the Perth area.